What We Do

We Build It Better

As experts in the rebuilding, retrofitting and remanufacturing of machine tools,  Pyramid Rebuild and Machine’s craftsmen have the know-how and experience to meet your needs,  whether it’s restoring an aging machine to OEM specifications or remanufacturing it to increase its capacity and performance. So don’t scrap your machine tool or spend tens of thousands on a new one without first talking to us! In most cases, older equipment can be updated to like-new condition, and we can do it for as much as a 60-percent savings when compared with buying a new machine of comparable quality.

Here are three ways we can upgrade your aging machine tools:

Rebuilding:  Expertly performed repairs and improvements can make a machine tool run just as good as it did when it came from the factory. Typical operations that are accomplished during a rebuild include realigning way surfaces and replacing wear items such as lead screws, ball screws, bearings, seals and gaskets. Plus, we inspect all other key components and systems. Those that fall short of standards are rebuilt or replaced.

• Retrofitting:  Fitting out an older generation machine tool with a new CNC control that includes the latest high-tech features is one of the primary purposes of a retrofit. This strategy is a must for improving speed, accuracy and productivity. Retrofits may also entail replacing aging servomotors and drives. Swapping outdated electrical controls with a state-of-the-art PLC (programmable logic control) is another proven retrofitting tactic.

• Remanufacturing:  The most comprehensive approach to updating a machine tool is remanufacturing. By making use of many of the same procedures called for in a rebuild or retrofit, remanufacturing uses the original capability and capacity of a machine tool as a starting point and builds on it so that you end up with a machine that performs better than ever. Changes undertaken during remanufacturing often include increasing feed rates and developing higher spindle speeds. Axis drive trains frequently are converted to servomotor and ball screw, and spindle transmissions are altered to provide two or three speed ranges. And these are just some of the modifications that might be made.

Machine tool solutions tailored for you

Whichever of the above strategies you employ, Pyramid Rebuild and Machine will work with you to develop a plan that fits your requirements, your production schedule and your budget. You tell us what you’d like your machine to do and our knowledgeable engineers and craftsmen will do all we can to make it happen. Give us a call!

A fully equipped facility means outstanding service

A fully equipped facility means outstanding service:  Pyramid’s plant features a machine shop that allows our experts to cost-effectively and quickly produce parts needed for your rebuild, retrofit or remanufacturing project. Our facility also includes a high bay equipped with a 20-ton overhead crane, so we can handle large jobs in-house.

Here’s what else we can do

Way grinding:  Precision way grinding is the method of choice for most realignment jobs. After the bed and slide ways are ground, Pyramid installs new way liners on the slides and hand-scrapes for proper fit and alignment.

Hand-scraping and hand-grinding:  Sometimes achieving proper alignment demands a personal touch. Pyramid’s craftsmen have years of experience in this almost-lost art.

Control upgrades:  Enhance your machine tool’s performance with a new CNC control. Pyramid is an authorized Fagor integrator. But we also have extensive experience retrofitting other makes of controls.

Provide hard-to-find parts:  Maybe that vital part needed for your machine tool just isn’t available or the OEM wants a fortune for it. We can help solve this problem by making the parts you need, while at the same time matching or exceeding OEM quality. Plus, we can even re-engineer parts to better suit your application.

Lube system upgrades:  We can design and install a lube system that helps avoid breakdowns and prolongs machine tool life.

The above is just a sampling of our capabilities. Have a project in mind? Let’s talk about it.

Contact us at 330.633.4452 or info@pyramidrebuilders.com