Manufacturing Replacement Parts

Locating hard-to-find replacement parts for a malfunctioning machine tool can be critical to meeting your production schedule.

Pyramid Rebuild and Machine simplifies that important task by manufacturing high-quality replacement components by reverse engineering your sample part or working from your detailed print.

Utilizing in-house machining and outside resources enables us to offer these components at competitive prices. What’s more, we can get them to you more quickly than most OEM’s.

Here are just some of the quality replacement parts we provide:

Spur gears  •  Bevel gears  •  Spiral bevels  •  Lead screws and nuts  •  Shifters  •  Spline shafts Line shafts  •  Hubs  •  Drive shafts  •  Clutch gears  •  Custom slides  •  Boring rams and saddles Way covers

(If the part you need isn’t included in the list above, please call and tell us how we can help.)

Repairing Castings

If you’ve ever had a broken or cracked casting on one of your machines, you know how challenging it can be to repair it — and repair it right!

Pyramid Rebuild and Machine can help. We fix castings by either brazing or stitching them. The method our skilled craftsmen employ typically is determined by the casting’s size. Those weighing up to a few hundred pounds are usually pre-heated and then brazed.

Larger castings are frequently metal-stitched, a method that requires no heat. This mechanical repair produces a strong, rigid casting that rivals the original iron in strength. Even large boring mill beds and slides can be stitched and have the integrity of the piece restored. If necessary, we install gussets and support braces to aid in ensuring the casting will withstand the required loads.

We also supply the precision machining, grinding or hand-scraping that often is needed once the casting repair is complete.

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